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About Us

Our aim is to create high quality, accessible tools for players of any RPG system.

 Whether you're a GM, DM, Storyteller, or anything in between, our card  decks have something to offer you. They are perfect for new creators to  help develop their world, as well as being a terrific resource and  inspiration for experienced players.  

Chronicle Card decks are universal, and can be introduced into any session instantly.

They are compact, quick and easy to use - here are just a few examples:

  • Create a new character, creature, event, or item in seconds - perfect for when your group catches you by surprise.
  • Add extra depth to any setting, and keep your players guessing.
  • Develop an extra dimension to player experiences - no encounter will be the same.
  • Draw them during the game to add suspense (or to fill time as your group inevitably goes off the rails). 
  • Draw them ahead of time during the preparation of an encounter or campaign to get your creative juices flowing. 
  • Save time rolling on reference tables or flipping across multiple pages and books.

50 high quality cards per deck - they will last as long as your adventurers need them to.

 There is a 'how to' card included in every deck to help you convert  certain values to fit the current system you are playing. We understand  there are a lot of great game systems out there, and it's important for  you to be included! 


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